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UFO's: What is the Government Really Covering Up

The book is available on many book websites around the world; Canada, Australia, India, Africa, China, Japan, and most European countries.  Just type in From Adam to Omega, An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena on your search engine.

These are just a few of the issues covered. Learn what appears to be the purpose behind an alien agenda and the real reason for government secrecy. The evidence presented in From  Adam to Omega is so compelling, it received an "Editors Choice" rating by the publisher.

While a seemingly unexplained event in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 exposed the American people to the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects-or UFOs-these mysterious sightings have a history that reaches far back'into our collective past. Ancient megalithic structures, biblical stories, and even prehistoric art and cave paintings point to the existence of nonterrestrial life-and with advanced technology, new recordings, and the Internet, more evidence points to their continued presence today.

Why, then, do we the public know so little? Why has the media ignored credible reports from eyewitnesses and ufologists? And why have world governments suppressed these facts from their citizens? The UFO enigma is an extremely complex jigsaw puzzle comprised of many pieces. However, they fit together in a way that presents a cohesive theory when you connect all the dots.

  • Why do some UFOs exhibit hostile behavior?
  • Why, twenty years later, did the Air Force come out with a new explanation for the 1964 Socorro, New Mexico incident — an explanation that they knew would be shot down?
  • Is there a connection between the miracle births described in the Bible and the insemination and fetus removal of female abductees? 
  • Why did it take 130 years for Adam and Eve to produce three children?
  • Is there a connection between how the little grey aliens appear out of a brilliant light in abduction cases, to the biblical descriptions of angels appearing and disappearing exactly the same way?
  • Does the creation of Adam and Eve, the biblical miracle births, the Israelite's enslavement in Egypt, their Exodus and forty year desert isolation, reveal evidence of an alien agenda? 
  • Is it a coincidence that the technologies we depend on today—electric power, communications, transportation, and aerospace technology—were all introduced by men of the same era? And is it a coincidence that had any of them failed, there were others involved with the same technologies ready to step in and take their place?
  • Are ancient petroglyphs and cave drawings really depicting  flying craft in the skies?
  • Why do many Medieval paintings, both religious and non religious, depict strange looking aerial craft?​

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FROM ADAM to OMEGA is for those seriously interested in the subject of UFOs, but whose only knowledge was derived from supermarket tabloids, or from biased media accounts. It examines all elements of the UFO mystery and connects all the dots to show the relationship between prehistoric times, the biblical era, and modern times. It will make you want to reevaluate everything you have been taught to believe from childhood about religion, God, and UFOs.​​

by A.R. Roberts

​Are UFOs Real?
Were Extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?
Are aliens really abducting people?
Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?
Did the U.S. Air Force retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?
Is the Government involved with alien technology?
Is there evidence of an alien agenda?
What is the real reason for government secrecy?

From Adam To Omega

From Adam To Omega provides a comprehensive compendium of UFO phenomena. It connects the dots to show how those phenomena relate to religious and historical texts.

This book covers it all, from prehistoric times, the biblical era, and modern times. It is a commonsense approach and a logical evaluation of the most credible evidence available—evidence compiled by credible researchers and investigators. There is information provided by police officers, astronauts, Air Force and commercial airline pilots—all highly trained and credible witnesses.

And when examining the scriptures from a logical perspective, you will see how it fits together and provides answers to many questions: