​Are UFOs Real?
Were Extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?
Are aliens really abducting people?
Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?
Did the U.S. Air Force retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?
Is the Government involved with alien technology?
Is there evidence of an alien agenda?
What is the real reason for government secrecy?

by A.R. Roberts

Reviews on From Adam to Omega​​

Clarion Review

From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena
A. R. Roberts
Five Stars (out of Five)

Entertaining and well-reasoned. This book will even make skeptics want to believe in UFOs.

 From Adam to Omega by A. R. Roberts is a thorough review of documented UFO phenomena and an argument that alien encounters have influenced the development of religion. The book also posits the possibility of a human-alien hybridization program run by extraterrestrials for purposes unknown.

The book is organized in three parts, the first of which reviews the history of documented UFO encounters, and the second and third of which theorizes about UFOs and aliens playing major roles in the events of the Bible. Moses's encounters with the Lord, the nature of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and the famous "wheel within a wheel" scene are all examined in this light. The book also examines the possibility of Revelation being about a space-based threat event, like an asteroid, from which aliens might plan to save the human species.

UFO literature does not have the best reputation for being well thought out. From Adam to Omega breaks down this stereotype by relying heavily on logic and analysis of documented encounters. Roberts's tendency to discuss the possible motivations and causes of UFO events will likely spark interest even in skeptical minds.

Written eloquently and in an easy, engaging style, this book is not difficult to like. In fact, its technical qualities help to make its arguments seem, if not completely watertight, then at least reasonable. The author is not at all combative, and instead repeatedly emphasizes that the ideas he presents are merely his theories. In fact he regularly reexamines assumptions he and other enthusiasts have held about UFOs, often discarding more outlandish ideas, such as the proposition that UFOs are piloted by demons. This balanced approach makes From Adam to Omega infinitely more accessible than most UFO literature.

Despite the on-the-fringe nature of the subject, From Adam to Omega is convincing, well written, and researched appropriately. Roberts makes several good choices in how he relates personal UFO accounts. In a nonfiction genre that is prone to wild speculation and paranoia, this book is remarkable in that it questions its own assumptions. But above everything else, From Adam to Omega is truly entertaining. Even nonbelievers will, at the very least, enjoy the experience.

- Anna Call 

UFOs: What Is the Government Really Covering Up

"UFOs: What Is the Government Really Covering Up is not just another book about the 1947 Roswell crash. Ingeniously, Roberts
takes a step back and offers an in-depth survey o f the UFO phenomenon as a whole. Using familiar case studies o f alien
encounters as examples, he casts a wide net that shows a clear pattern o f extraterrestrial visitation and the ensuing cover-up
by US and world governments. In the end, the reader cannot help coming away with the same conclusion-that something is
going on and our government knows it. A must-read for those interested in ufology, conspiracy theories, and ancient aliens."

- Rita Louise, PhD, author of
ET Chronicles: What Myth and Legend Say about Human Origin